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Roller Blinds

Traditional Holland blinds made mainly in plain basic blind fabric often with shaped base and fringe or gymp trim, traditionally used behind laces or sheers.

Roller blinds now come in a wide variety of fabrics from very sheer to blockout weight. In W.A. most blinds are fitted in the window recess for the best insulation and neatest finish.


They will roll up to give clear views to the outside. Mainly limited to a neutral colour palette. Have maximum size constraints. Can be used as twin blinds one behind the other for both day and night protection/privacy


Pleated Blinds

Various types available from single layer to a cell construction for giving better insulation.


Available in larger sizes, fold up to minimal drop, generally a neutral colour palette.


Available from very sheer to blockout weight. Can be used as two weights for day/night use, can pull up from the bottom or drop down from the top.


Vertical Blinds

Inexpensive and practical blind option for ‘work’ areas.


Open neatly to uncover the window space, slats adjustable for day privacy.


Available in mainly plain colours and light weight to blockout.


Venetian Blinds

Available in metal, blade sizes vary, natural timber, painted timber and ‘fake’ timber. Limitations to size and ease of operation and insulating properties.


Roman Blinds

Generally a more decorative option.


Available in some blind fabrics with or without timber baton detail.


Can also be made in suitable fabrics of choice with or without blockout or light weight lining. 


Not suitable for large windows due to ease of operation.


Open by folding in wide folds resulting in some portion of the window always being covered by the blind.


Variations & Extra Information

Variations on fabric blinds include Austrian blinds, gathered width and drop, usually made in sheer fabrics.

London blinds and Balloon blinds are variations of Roman blinds and have a less tailored finish, generally these variations are more bulky and generally decorative rather than practical and have definite size limitations.


Roller blinds and pleated blinds can easily be motorised, this option best discussed at time of building for new homes.


All blinds require child safety devices by law and these must be installed.


When choosing your blinds you need to have a clear understanding of what you need the blinds to do for you and be guided to select the best product for your needs.

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